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Factory, workers and HD DeveGowda :

Bangalore Cities prominent factories like HMT ,BEML , ITI, HAL ETC have given jobs and security for thousands of bangaloreans . But in the recent times these factories were under tremendous loss which bought lot of employees life under dark.
Luckily Mr.H.D.Devegowda was prime minister at that time so things was brought under control.


We all know that ITI was one of the well known factories in Bangalore which has given life for thousands of employees. But ITI went under loss and congress govt in centre wanted to shut down the factory so many workers were forced to take voluntary retirement . Its not all they did even get their balance amount of their tenure but as soon as Mr.H.D.Devegowda became prime minister of India he sanctioned 58 crores and provided the balance amount to those people who were forced to take voluntary retirement.

And to make sure that the factory runs successfully in the future he got an order of 1400 crores to the factory as a prime minister of India. Because of this ITI is still running and taking care of thousands of family .



Same situation was torturing BEML railway Coach department by lack of orders. Everyday workers were facing layoff's which led to protest against central govt . But as soon as Mr.H.D.Devegowda became the prime minister of India he bought number of orders to the sector and helped the situation to consolidate the situation .


HMT was one of the reputed factory among all but even that went under tremendous loss but Mr.H.D.Devegowda as a prime minister of india sanctioned 25 crores for the factories development and made it come back on track.

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