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* Neeravari Projects(water resources)
* Steel Factorys in Karnataka
* Rural Infrastructure Development
* Seabird, Opaque hospital and Sports
* Electricity(Role of Mr HD DeveGowda)
* 1000 Km of Broadguage(Railway)
* Sugar Factorys in Karnataka
* Funds released for Karnataka
  *   Bangalore City Development
  *   As Chief Minister of Karnataka
  *   As Prime Minister of India
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Rural Infrastructure Development :

Only Villagers can understand the pain they go through and it was very commendable that Mr HD Deve Gowda being a farmer from a small Village became the Prime Minister of India. He said "if a Villager cant understand the problem of village people What is the use of me being a Prime minster?"

So he concentrated on the development of all the villages in India and to provide them with the basic facilities. From the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund Karnataka villagers got drinking water facility, Public Toilets, Roads and other basic amenities . It was provided by releasing 172 crores in 1996-1997 and 634 crores in 1997-1998.

Public distribution system :-

For the poor people under the public distribution system state government spends around 270 crores every year to distribute food materials .Such a huge amount of money was burden for state government because other developmental work was taken back seat by lack of required money. So Mr.H.D.Devegowda after becoming a prime minister made central government to contribute 170 crores towards the 270 crores spent by the state government.


A total of 1600 crores was released in 10 months by Mr.H.D.Devegowda being prime minister of India. This sum of money was never released by any prime minister to their respective states in such a short term . This shows how thrived he was in his work eradicating the problems and improving the state.

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