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Neeravari Projects(water resources) :

H.D.Devegowda s development of neeravari project plays a vital role. The way H.D.Devegowda has Slogged for Krishna-Kaveri project and his immense involvement is not possible from any other politician.In 1962 , at the age of 29 Mr.H.D.Devegowda when entered vidhana sabha his first and foremost statements made was about NEERAVARI project. This shows his keen interest about the project. Later in 1983 , when he was given the position of neeravari minister his development had no words.

Dams,canals,bridges and many more to mention about his achievement . It always occurred in his mind that the Krishna-Kaveri usage is not upto his expectation. He just resigned his position of chief Minister and joined people to walk against the problems to be solved for neeravari project.


Krishna river is the soul of north Karnataka. The major challenge is to complete the project by 2000 and crores of money needed for the purpose. There was no positive response from the government for the project as money was the important ingredient for Krishna project.

But what people should know is after being PrimeMinister of India what was his role in this big challenge Despite many obstacles from the court and lot of questions that arised Mr.H.D.Devegowda did not heed to all this. His most important thing was to complete the challenging project.

GATTAPRABHA III and KARANJI are two neeravari project.when Shri Nijalingappa was the chief minister and later Lal Bahadur Shastri was the prime minister till 1994 the amount spent was 1100 crores only for the mentioned project. The problem that arised was many villages had to be demolished and providing home for them was a huge challenge.

Finally solution to the problem was solved by H.D.Devegowda and found success in the project. "krishna jalabhagya nigama" was founded by H.D.Devegowda. Because of his dedication towards the work finally 500 crores was provided for the project. And 830 crores was spent for 58 villages to be brought back to the people who lost during the development of the project. This made some of them to make foul statements about H.D.Devegowda thinking he was concentrating on village development but his main priority was in the completion for the project without hurting anyone and didn't wanted many villagers to be homeless.

Untill now for 4,44,707 hectares of land neeravari has been provided still for 4,20,110 hectares of land neeravari is yet to be provided. 183 crores has been used for this purpose but the amount needed further is 2352 crores. The government can lend only upto 930 crores and the remaining amount is under question wheather it will be provided. During this time H.D.Devegowda was chosen as the Prime Minister of India.


In 1997 -98 when H.D.Devegowda was the prime minister 122 crores was provided for the development and further government agreed to give 252 crores for the project.

For this A.I.B.P(Accelerated Irrigation Benefit programme) 130 crores was given for the development. This was crucial for the project and one of the main thing for success . He proved this after being the Prime Minister of India.


The issue of kaveri is not new to us. The problem between Karnataka and Tamilnadu for kaveri is never ending and we are at the receiving end always and it is Karnataka people who the facing the brunt for this. H.D.Devegowda has been raising his voice for this issue since 1962. This problem can be solved with knowledge of the politics , smartness in handling ,intelligence ,experience and can be done none other than H.D.Devegowda.

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