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Development of Rural Bangalore :

DEVELOPMENT OF SLUMS In more than 50 years of Indian Independence no prime minister had sanctioned money only for the slum developments. But when Mr HD Deve Gowda became prime minister of India he gave a mammoth 750 crores for slum developments out of which 16 crores were given to slums in Bangalore.


To provide best medical facilities to the poor and lower middle class JD(s) GOVT lead by Mr HD Deve Gowda provided and kept 20 crores intitially and wanted to increase the aid to over 100 crores but unfortunately it was not possible because we ruled against him and took his power. I am sure that poor people will not have chance to see this information but the people who read this can surely understand his nature towards poor population in the city.

1. Lakhshmipuram slum 1.33 crores
2. Ashraya EWS houses 1.99 crores
3. Jayanagar Austin Town slum LIG house 0.25 crores
4. Hulsur's yellamma templeroad 0.10 crores
5. Bharathinagar Thimmaiha Road LIG houses 0.04 crores
6. Slum in Rajajinagar 1st Block 0.06 crores
7. Byappanahalli's sanjaynagar slum LIG houses 0.36 crores
8. Bangalore's Kadapa mat's slum LIG houses 0.38 crores
9. Laggere 5th phase slum development 1.71 crores
10. Bangalore city's Ashraya yojane for poor 1.13 crores
11. Laggere 2nd phase slum LIG houses 1.20 crores
12. Rammurthy nagar LIG houses 0.09 crores
13. Dr Ambedkar Nagar LIG houses 0.18 crores
14. 1997-98 ahrayayojane for Bangalore EWS houses 1.63 crores
15. Wahab garden slum EWS houses 0.13 crores

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