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HD DeveGowda's dream of Building Mega City Bangalore :

It started in 1970 when Binny mill factory was shut down and thousands of workers were deprived of job. It was HD Deve Gowda who was the opposition leader at that time lent a helping hand .

In 1983 when HD Deve Gowda was Lokopayogi and Niravari Minister he had his own imagination for the development of Bangalore City . Ring roads, national Highway -4 from Bangalore to tumkur , 4 way roads and yeshwanthpur flyover are some of the examples of his developmental work towards Bangalore city.

As a Niravari Minister his involvement towards village development made few bad elements of opposition party to accuse HD Deve Gowda of not showing interest towards Bangalore City. But After he became the chief Minister of Karnataka he spoke whole heartedly and showed his zeal towards the development of Bangalore.

" HD DeveGowda's determination towards saving the beauty of Garden City "

Bangalore July 10th 1995(Article published in prajavani)

Government will not given a single sqt of land to anyone . Chief Minister Mr HD Deve Gowda told the media that "The beauty of the city built by Kempe Gowda will not be sacrificed for any reason".

Bangalore July 11th 1995(Article published in prajavani)

The fastest growing city in Asia is facing housing problems as people don't have proper housing facilities. The reason behind this problem is because of the private sectors occupying thousands of acres in the city. Chief Minister said "To rectify the situation we wanted to bring in changes in the law but they are trying to change us ( he laughs) , I am not talking this because I am scared but I just wanted to put this in front of the people."

Bangalore July 31st 1995(Article published in prajavani)

"Critics are talking about me being partial towards the villages and not showing interest in the development of Banaglore City but this is not true . As a Nirvari Minister I had worked towards the development of villages and became the Chief minister of Karnataka. Now I am determined to the development of Banaglore City and that is the reason I have kept Bangalore Development Authority under my control"

People of Bangalore remember only the people who have harvested the crop but forget the people who actually swon the seeds and grown the crop, Is this right? This is the question bangaloreans should ask themselves .Bangalore cant forget Kempegowda in the same way they cant forget Mr HD Devegowda.

Be it Flyover, outer Ring Road , sewage treatment and 4th phase of Kaveri drinking water project all these are the results of futuristic thinking of Mr HD Deve Gowda. Being a Chief minister of Karnataka and prime minister of India all these are his steps to make his dream city come true. Thousands of crore were sanctioned and development work started but when those projects were completed Mr HD Deve Gowda was not in the power and all the credit was taken by the following govt.

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