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* Neeravari Projects(water resources)
* Steel Factorys in Karnataka
* Rural Infrastructure Development
* Seabird, Opaque hospital and Sports
* Electricity(Role of Mr HD DeveGowda)
* 1000 Km of Broadguage(Railway)
* Sugar Factorys in Karnataka
* Funds released for Karnataka
  *   Bangalore City Development
  *   As Chief Minister of Karnataka
  *   As Prime Minister of India
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A Farmer from a small village becomes the Prime Minister of India :

A farmer being a prime Minister for 10 months is incredible. It is such a proud feeling for Karnataka that a farmer from a village is ruling INDIA and solving the issues.

What is H.D.Devegowda's contribution to Karnataka after being Prime Minister of India?

With lot of criticism from people and members of the opposition team it was difficult for Mr.H.D.Devegowda to achieve his goals and dreams of making a better Karnataka and to solve the major issues surrounding . we are providing people about the hard work that he has put into well being with all good infrastructure for Karnataka. Mr.H.D.Devegowda's success was not a cake walk for him. He had to tolerate all the pain , abuse, criticism from everyone all around. He had to undergo all the bruises caused by the people and his own members. This never stopped Mr.H.D.Devegowda reach the sky .

Protection for Poor people.
For the protection of poor people and to provide them with basic facilities in 1996-97 59 crores and 1997-98 100 crores were released . Remember , this 159 crores of money was not given as a credit but as a helping fund. Including this 36,248 houses from HUDCO and for backward communities 10,059 houses were sanctioned through 70 crores of loan. So for the protection for the poor people 293 crores was provided by the cenral government led by Mr.H.D.Devegowda.This shows his involvement the work for even poor sections.

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