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4th Phase of Kaveri Drinking Water :

Summer season was a nightmare for bangaloreans as they did not have proper drinking water facility.The solution for this problem was the beginning of 4th phase of Kaveri drinking water project at a estimated cost of 1,300 crores. The congress govt announced the project in 1994 but no progress was made and the project was used only for the publicity.But HD Devegowda as chief minister , future prime minister found the solution.Govt Order no HUD15MNI90 bangalore dated 28-6-1995 funds were released of 1300 crores in the following way for the Kaveri Drinking water project.

Important information :- The project was put on hold by the central Congress Govt as kaveri water dispute was in the supreme court but luckily for Bangaloreans Mr HD Deve Gowda became the prime minister and then provided enough documentation to the central officers about the project and got it sanctioned. Can we forget Mr HD Deve Gowda.?

Sl. No Project Name Project Cost
1. State Govt's contribution 134 crores
2. BDA ‘S contribution 33 crores
3. Mahanagara Palike 33.50 crores
4. Bangalore water supply 67 crores
5. O.E.S.F 804 crores
1072 crores

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